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Alienware Aurora – Get a Hold of the Best Gaming Desktop Computer

alienware aurora couponThe gaming industry is now flooded with various gaming laptops which made desktop computers under rated. However, Dell did not let this happen and made an ultimate desktop computer specifically made for gaming. The Alienware Aurora is the new generation desktop computer that will surely blow your minds because of the amazing features included on a single package.

Some people might say that getting a gaming laptop is better than owning a desktop computer. Well, for some, it is not too convenient to play on a laptop. Since desktop computers are the first one to appear on the market, people are more comfortable in using desktop computers.

So what makes the Alienware Aurora really popular to gamers? Since gaming is all about graphics, you can already expect that the Alienware Aurora can provide hardcore graphic possibilities like the Alienware laptop model. Of course, any game will require a lot of graphics and this desktop computer will not let you down. It contains AMD CrossfireX and NVIDIA SLI graphics that will surely deliver higher frame rates at HD solutions while maxing out the game settings.

It has state of the art graphics and also provides a 3D technology. By combining this two, you can have a new and more powerful gaming experience that you can only feel when using Alienware Aurora. These graphic options are specifically made for hardcore gaming experiences. It means that it can handle any new game available today and it can play them smoothly with ease.

Of course, the graphics will be nothing without a powerful processor. You can brag all you want if you have this desktop computer because it has the latest and the most powerful Intel Quad Core i7 2600K, unlocked and overclocked to 4.1 GHz.

It is not only fast and powerful; it can also provide an intense multi tasking option that everyone will surely love. You can play more applications and games without decreasing the performance of the computer with 8GB of 1866MHz memory, a feature that every Alienware model has.

Another best feature of Alienware Aurora is they are easier to upgrade. If you plan to upgrade them in the future, the layout of the motherboard, power supply and wirings are placed properly for easy upgrades.

If you want to own this one-of-a-kind desktop computer, you can get discounts by looking for an Alienware Aurora Coupon. With the use of an Alienware Aurora coupon, you can get discounts from buying this hard core gaming desktop computer.

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